Friday, 3 February 2017

Why Compact?

Why compact?

Well I can still fit into the earrings, and possibly the shoes, I was wearing in high school. So there goes any illusion of a cute little petite mummy.

It’s more about our lifestyle really. We lived in a studio apartment till our eldest was one. We didn’t have a pram till he was about 15 months. And all the usual things that people tell you are essential to child rearing, just don’t factor into our lives.

No huge prams, nappy bags, change tables, all the latest gadgets and whowhar just didn’t and don’t figure into our lives.  Hell our babies didn’t even have a cot. Moses basket to toddler bed. I will leave the house in the morning with three kids under 4, a nappy in my pocket, a handful of wet wipes and a baby grow (just in case we have a tsunami poo…you know what I’m talking about, we’ve all been there).

Our life is really simple. The kids have everything they need. They are happy and well fed. And while our life has obviously changed since we had kids, it’s still pretty much the same. We don’t have family to help us out with childcare, so ‘date night’ has become less so. But otherwise we still have great holidays and generally go about our business as usual…. with three kids in tow.

Yes, I am that mummy, sitting in a wine bar with her friends on a Saturday afternoon, with a baby strapped to her chest. #Itsathing

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