Saturday, 4 February 2017

Pseudo Keto Kids

Since Christmas we've been trialling a keto diet with the kids.

We have a recently 4yr old and a newly 2yr old. So tantrums are pretty much a regular occurrence in our house. But we were getting to the point where the kids couldn't self regulate or bring themselves back down from their heightened tantrum state.

We pretty much know that sugar makes kids bounce off walls. Well, the body processes carbs in the same way it does sugar. Carbs are sugars.

So while my kids are eating porridge for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and some kind of rice/pasta dish for dinner, their sugar levels are riding some crazy waves.  No wonder they can't control their emotions.

So far the experiment is going well. We've cut out all processed carbs...bread, cereal, rice, pasta, etc. We've not worried too much about fruit and vege. Dried fruits are just sugar nuggets as are grapes, but most other fruit and vege we've been pretty lenient with....and we must have the only kids who don't eat potatoes anyway!

For the most part this change in diet has worked really well.  When we have introduced say a slice of toast for breakfast, we notice the difference pretty quickly.  And our eldest is starting to understand that 'agitated' feeling he gets when sugar levels are bouncing around.

It's a work in progress.  Watch this space.

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