Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Just trying to make it through the day

So, I'm a new mum again, for the third time. I love being a Mum, don't get me wrong. I totally believe it's the best job in the world. But there are days, yes there are days!!!! You know what I'm talking about. Those days when you just want to climb into a cupboard and eat the entire contents of the biscuit tin.
We're all just trying to make it through the day.

Sometimes I think we over complicate life. Especially life with kids. My husband and I went inter railing a few summers ago. Four weeks travelling around Europe via the train system. It was wonderful. We had an 18month old and I was 5months pregnant with our second. We had two small backpacks, the kind you take to the gym, and a fold up pushchair. That's it.

Life doesn't have to be overly complicated. We had everything we needed. On the few occasions we needed to do laundry, we'd drop our stuff off in the morning on our way out. Then pick it up on our way back in the evening. Too easy.

I'm the kind of person that feels claustrophobic if I have too much stuff around me. I don't understand the need for giant nappy bags. Even before babies I could never see the point of giant handbags. What's that important that you can't leave home without it?

I'm just struggling to make it through the day. Like everyone else. But I really believe if we just let go a little. Keep it simple. Then maybe we will be able to find that space to just ….. breathe.

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